Kudi Boli Kandu

Experience level: not for beginners, if current is too strong

Fauna: large schools of fusiliers and jacks, whitetip reef sharks, napoleons, big groups of snappers and sweet lips along the thila

Particular features: beautiful thila in the channel

During north-east monsoon: mostly outgoing current; start dive at the very end of the thila and drift along with thila on the right; there are some small overhangs, at the end of the thila large groups of fish (humpback and one spot snappers); a gentle sand slope leads down to the edge of the channel; with strong current, better stay in front of the thila, as it might be difficult to get back to the reef

During south-west monsoon: mostly ingoing current; start your dive at the south side with reef to the right; below the edge there are many overhangs, black corals and gorgonians; when you see yellowish sea fans at the edge, this means, you are in the middle of channel and directly in front of the thila, go up there; then drift into channel with thila on your left, this side is more beautiful

Safety considerations: sometimes high waves on the outer reef; be careful if current flows out; make sure every diver has an emergency balloon