Kunavashi Kandu

Experience level: not for beginners, if current is too strong

Fauna: big group of jacks, often napoleons, whitetip reef sharks, tunas, sometimes large group of small barracudas and eagle rays in the channel

Particular features: beautiful thila leading into the channel, comes up to about 5 m to the surface

During north-east monsoon: mostly outgoing current, start dive at the very end of thila and drift first along at thila on your right; after the sand hill, cross the thila, and there the overhangs start; if current is strong, go into the caves to have a better look; continue dive with reef on your left on the outer reef; big school of jacks, whitetip reef sharks and napoleons can be found, there is also a good chance to find scorpion fish

During south-west monsoon: mostly ingoing current, start dive on the outside with reef to the right; be careful sometimes current splits at the entrance of channel and you get a strong counter-current, if this happens try to jump north of the corner of the thila; with strong current descend immediately to the reef and dive between 15 and 20 m; in the channel overhangs start; after the coral window cross the thila

Safety considerations: sometimes current is very strong with turbulences; ask the divers to leave cameras on the boat