Maaya Thila

Another great dive, as Fish Head, also protected as a Marine Reserve by the Maldivian government.  Although grey reef sharks are also quite common at Maaya Thila, the smaller white tips are the center of attention, often with dozens of them circling the reef.  Maaya Thila is about 80 meters in diameter and can easily be circumnavigated in one dive – if the current is favorable – although it is not uncommon for divers to spend the entire dive in one area to digest the incredible diversity of marine life.  The top starts at six meters and the reef edge drops from 12 meters to depths of 30 meters and more. 

Several coral outcrops occur on the northwest and south sides.  There are many caves and overhangs all around the Thila.  At a big cave on the north side is a feast of fish ranging from the white tips (which usually frequent the side of the reef where the current is strongest), dog-toothed tuna and great barracuda to blue-faced angelfish, Moorish idol, tall fin batfish, parrotfish, butterfly fish, clown triggerfish and lionfish.  There are also other delights for the careful observer like stonefish and anglerfish. 

A big rock on the south side has a meter wide swim-through at 19 meters.  On the reef top are many fusilier and blue stripe snapper and a large turtle is a regular around the reef.  This dive is a fish watchers delight and the beautiful soft coral and gorgonians on the reef faces are a great attraction.  When the weather permits, we also do Maya Thila at night….a real treat!  Another top top top dive site!!!!