Madi Kandu

Experience level: easy diving, also suitable for beginners

Fauna: big school of dark snappers and fusiliers at corner; with ingoing current whitetip and grey reef sharks possible, as well as eagle rays and big tunas

Particular features: in the channel there is a sand bed between 5-7 m, suitable for open water courses

During north-east monsoon: mostly ingoing current, take reef to the right; shortly before the entrance of the channel there is a school of dark snappers; go along the channel edge, and watch out for sharks; it’s possible to see whitetip and grey reef sharks, as well as eagle rays; continue to dive into the channel; with strong current you reach a nice coral garden, which is in the very back of this channel (between 2 – 7 m)

During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current, take reef to the left and start on the sand bed; stay in the first 10m in the beginning, later drift along the lower reef slope, as there you find nice soft corals; stop at the coral block at the corner (17m) to have a look at the leaf fish; continue on the outer reef, sometimes there is a counter-current

Safety considerations: descend immediately to reef, if strong ingoing current occurs