Himandhoo Thila

Emas Thila also knows as Manta Point is about 1 Km long and is a gathering point for Mantas during the north-east monsoon season.  It is also an excellent drift dive on both the north and south sides of the Thila.  The reef top is at 15 meters and on the western side of the Thila but rises to around 10 meters on the Eastern side.  Mantas mostly focus on some coral rocks on the reef top on the outside of the Thila.  Along the reef edge is a shallow ledge at 15 meters.  The outside reef slopes gently to 30 meters before dropping more steeply on the outside wall. 

Most of the Thila has ledges, caves and overhangs 15 meters and deeper.  All are filled with a vast number of fish.  On the southern side the channel cuts into the Thila and here the ledges mingle creating a spectacular series of caves directly below one another to a depth of more than 30 meters.  This wall of caves continues for most of the Thila.  There are many sea-fans, sea-whips, soft coral and squirrel fish in the caves and in the channel one can find many big dog tooth tunas, napoleons and sharks.  There is one terrace at about 30 meters on the southern side where coral heads are grouped together forming small gullies and arches.  Around the rocks are big schools of fish, most notably the masked banner fish, but also spotted sweet lips, oriental sweet lips, trevally, red bass and spangled emperor fish. 

Currents here can be strong but because the Thila is so big, experienced divers can make a comfortable drift dive in moderately strong currents.  Safety surface balloons are essential.