Meet Jenna, TGI Maldives resident marine biologist at Halaveli

Meet Jenna, TGI Maldives resident marine biologist at Halaveli

Great news for all of you who are interested in the underwater world! Jenna, our resident marine biologist, is now on hand to answer your questions about life in the ocean surrounding Halaveli.

Originally from California (USA), Jenna has been living in Hawaii since 2012, where she completed her university studies in marine biology, specialising in marine life with an emphasis on conservation. Jenna believes that it is important to be able to translate all of the research for everyone to understand the beauty of the ocean while helping preserving it.

To combine both of her passions, the ocean and education, Jenna followed a diving career path, working as a divemaster for 2 years before becoming a dive instructor.

Come and visit Jenna at TGI Maldives and join her for a snorkelling or diving excursion. She will take you out on a journey to experience the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean and give you detailed briefing about what you have seen. In addition, every Wednesday, at Halaevli’s Guest Cocktail, Jenna will make a presentation on marine biology focusing on how to preserve the ocean and lessen our impact on this fragile environment.

As a member of Green Fins, TGI Maldives is an advocate of sustainable tourism and perceives its green practices as a responsibility rather than a choice. From next month onwards, Constance Halaveli and TGI Maldives will organize seminars to raise awareness through education. Designated as spokesperson, Jenna will talk about marine life protection and sustainability programmes both at the resort, for Constance Halaveli staff, and in the local schools.