Mary Thila

South of Bathala Island, between Bathala House reef and the open ocean we can find this peculiar reef formation as two pinnacles connected by a sandy bottom – Mary Thila.   This dive site is possible only if we have a mild or moderate current as it is positioned in the middle of the channel.

The reef is about 100 meters long, has two pinnacles: the top reef of the South pinnacle is at about 19 meters and the top reef of the north pinnacle is at about 13 meters.  Normally we start the dive on the sandy bottom that lies in between the two pinnacles, depending on the current we follow the outline of one of the two pinnacles.  At about 22 meters a small overhang is usually home to a nurse shark, the overhang walls are covered in colorful soft corals.  If we have some current at Mary Thila, very often we can spot gray reef sharks, jack fish, tuna fish and several white tip sharks. Schools of blue and yellow fusiliers often surround divers.

The main attraction at this dive site is the coral and small tropical fish: clouds of anthias, countless species of reef fish, anemones with their resident clown fish and if your’re good at spotting small critters, one can find different species of Nudibranchs.