Medu Kandu

Experience level: Suitable for all experiences with small or no current. With a medium-strong current, the dive is for experienced divers only.

Fauna: Along the reef edge, you can see many schools of fish, such as pyramid butterfly fish, oriental sweet lips and sergeant fish. Keep an eye out for whitetip reef sharks, napoleons, and eagle rays passing by.

Particular features: Outer reefs often offer the chance to see larger fish passing by.

During the North-East Monsoon: Dive with the reef on your right shoulder and keep your eyes peeled along the wall for moray eels and turtles. Occassionally whitetip reef sharks and eagle rays are passing by in the blue water.

During the South-West Monsoon: Keeping the reef on your left hand side, continue your dive on the outer reef looking out for whitetip reef sharks, napoleons and eagle rays. Schooling fish can be found along the reef edge.

Safety considerations: As the wall invites for a deeper dive, keep an eye on your computer and depth!