Medu Thila

Medu Thila is a slightly bigger reef than kuda thila (medu means medium), situated between Kuda and Bodu thila.  It is the same kind and quality of dive than kuda thila.  A small oval reef that starts at 5 meters, goes down to 35 meters and tapers off to a sandy bottom.  Medu Thila is also a dive that requires little or moderate current as a full round takes about 30 minutes, if the current is too strong, one cannot go around as swimming against a strong current is impossible. 

The quality of the coral here is very good, with a full colony of fire coral on the slopes.  Bigger fish are common here, so don’t forget to look out in the blue, there are also several smaller species hide among the coral (stone fish, scorpion fish, and lion fish) with other animals like octopuses and moray eels.