Miyaru Faru

Boat trip: 45 min
Reef type: reef corner inside channel
Level: intermediate to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

Miyaru Faru is located at the very edge of the atoll’s drop-off. The reef starts at 1 meter and drops to more than 30 meters. Divers will follow the slope until they reach a plateau at 30 meters. If the current is strong, divers will hook onto this section and observe the critters passing by. Current can range from moderate to strong, attracting big pelagic fishes and a variety of other marine life. If current allows, divers will cross the channel following the rocky bottom at around 25 to 27 meters of depth. Whilst crossing the channel, divers should keep their eyes peeled for unbelievable encounters with grey reef sharks, school of eagle rays and mobula rays, giant tunas and trevallies. The crossing takes around 15 minutes and finally divers will reach the Miyaru Faru Thila, usually surrounded by schools of jack fish and banner fish. Here, divers can shallow up and end their dive whilst exploring the pinnacle’s top reef. This dive is only suitable for advanced divers who enjoy the adrenaline of diving in current.