Miyaru Kandu

Experience level: Can be difficult for less experienced divers when there is stronger current.

Fauna: Grey reef and hammerhead sharks can be seen with an incoming current; whitetip reef sharks, jacks, fusiliers at the channel edge; turtles, napoleons, groupers and sometimes also eagle rays on the edge and in the channel.

Particular features: Nice caves can be found on the northern corner with black coral and whip corals lining them; living within the caves are moray eels, big groupers and a lot of glass fish.

During the North-East Monsoon: The current is mostly flowing into the Atoll and the site can be dived with the reef on the right shoulder. During this season many grey reef sharks, hammerheads and a large variety of fish patrol the channel edge. As you continue the dive into the channel, you’ll find some caves. Inside the channel, a backwash area can extend quite some distance up to a distinctive potato coral. Follow the sandy slope to the coral reef to finish the dive well within the channel.

During the South-West Monsoon: The current reverses and is mostly running out of the Atoll. Keep the reef on the left shoulder. Start your dive on the sand slope where it is possible to see, in this period of the year and sometimes on the surface itself, manta rays; further on there are some small caves around 24m where grey reef and whitetip sharks and mantas may be observed. A bigger cave can be explored at the corner of the channel at 22m. Continue the dive on the outer reef where you will encounter many large schools of fish.

Safety considerations: In presence of strong currents descend quickly to the reef.