Night diving at Dhiggiri House Reef

Night diving at Dhiggiri House Reef

The Dhiggiri House Reef warrants more than just one dive during a stay with us. Orientation dives, designed to get divers back into the water and allow us to refresh a few essentials diving skills, are conducted in the waters just a few short steps from the beach. However, the TGI team at Dhiggiri cannot get enough of the incredible reef – especially when it comes to seeing the transformation that comes at night!

Last week Giada, one of our instructors at Dhiggiri, took a group of divers with her for a night dive on the house reef. For those that have never done a night dive before, the house reef offers the perfect environment – it is after all a site that has been dived before and offers a familiar reef with which to become comfortable with the lamps and changing conditions.

Diving at night also means that reefs which are thought to be very well known take on a whole new outlook and offer new creatures to be found and discovered on every dive.

Giada’s dive encountered a baby blacktip reef shark, a sleepy turtle and squid. One of the main highlights though was knowing that the divers were being watched and observed by hundreds of tiny eyes on the reef. The tiny glittering eyes belonged to shrimps that live on the reef. These fascinating creatures are easier to find and to see at night under the torchlight.

To finish off the night dive, Giada introduced the group to the world of bioluminescence. By covering the light of the lamps and by moving their hands in the water, the divers were in awe of the glowing plankton that now surrounded them. An incredible phenomenon that simply blew everyone’s mind.

Night dive experiences are one of a kind…