Magical night dive at Maaya Thila

Magical night dive at Maaya Thila

There aren’t many night dives that can blow divers’ minds like Maaya Thila does. Maaya Thila reputation is renowned and it is a must-see dive site in the North Ari Atoll.

At night, Maaya Thila offers an adrenaline-filled show! When sun sets, the reef becomes a playground of predators.

On the top part of the pinnacle, spotted stingrays look for invertebrates, and moray eels leave their shelters and try to swim unoticed along the corals. White tip reef sharks and giant trevallies follow the light of the divers’ torches in order to spot a better night time snack, while turtles try to get some rest in their nests. Macro life can also be found along the reef: bright coloured nudibranches park themselves on the reef while cleaner shrimps and hermit crabs wander around.

TGI Maldives at Maayafushi will be happy to guide you in this great underwater experience, to which you can also add our blue light dive torch to discover the bio-fluorescence of the coral reef!

Enjoy the video by Marco Carè!