Olhahali Caves

Boat trip: 60 min
Reef type: reef corner inside channel
Level: intermediate to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

This site is the house reef of Olhahali Island, located at the edge of the North Male atoll. Divers will begin their dive at the outer reef corner. The slope starts shallow at 5 meters and gently drops to 30 meters. There are two caves and many smaller overhangs. The first cave is deeper, situated at 28 meters. It’s filled with bright, lively soft corals ranging from electric blue to eccentric yellow. You can enter the cave and look out for stingrays and nurse sharks that might be resting inside. The other cave is smaller, located slightly shallower and known for its many glass fish and school of sweetlips. Divers should also keep their eyes peeled for big pelagics swimming in the blue. There are good chances of encountering eagle rays, mobula rays and grey reef sharks. The current here is usually moderate, making this location an exciting choice for advanced divers.