Orimas Thila

Orimas Thila is sometimes called Maaga Thila after the island to the north.  The northern side of this 100-meter long reef has a superb landscape with a number of distinctive features, which makes it stand out from many other sites.  It has a long narrow fissure on the reef top at six meters, here you can find many small critters.

The reef face is steep and jagged and has a long cave that meanders along the reef between the depths of 15 and 18 meters.  The cave is covered in fine weed-like soft coral, sea fans and black coral bushes.  At the eastern end are large coral rocks with crevices and canyons.  Further to the east the reef descends gradually to 30 meters.  Sea anemones are prevalent all over the reef but a big patch is concentrated on the eastern side at around 15 meters. 

On the south east side is another cave at 25 meters with black coral bushes. The southern side of the thila slopes gradually to 30 meters in a uniform fashion. Schools of blue triggerfish and blue stripe snapper are found at the western end. On the reef top are stands of fine coral, stag horn coral and large table coral. There are fish of every description and most noticeably cornet fish, which appear in large numbers. 

This is an excellent site for divers who are prepared to take their time and concentrate on the smaller fish and interesting features of the reef.  Because it is a small reef, extra care should be taken not to disturb the marine life or damage the fragile coral with fins.