How to protect reefs in the Maldives

How to protect reefs in the Maldives

The Maldives is truly a spectacular place! While beautiful above water, even bigger treasures lie below the water surface. A staggering amount and variety of marine life attract divers from all four corners of the globe to experience one of the most biologically diverse ecosystem on the planet.

However, the inconvenient truth is that coral reefs of the Maldives can’t be taken for granted; as climate change and pollution are taking its toll, it is extremely important to know that while we can’t do everything to protect our blue planet, each and everyone can do something! Having said that, our TGI Maldives team at Constance Halaveli Maldives has prepared a nice code of conduct as to what you can do to pay respect to the underwater world in the Maldives and anywhere else in the world.

Divers and snorkellers are ambassadors of coral reefs, so make sure you share your knowledge and impressions from your holiday in the Maldives with everyone you know, and help your family and friends understand what’s at stake if we lose the coral reefs!

When you arrive to any of the TGI Maldives dive centers, our team will be more than happy to tell you more about our conservation efforts and about what you can do to help us.

Until then, we wish you happy and smart diving and snorkelling!

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