Rakeedhoo Kandu

Experience level: If the current is stronger, this is a site for intermediate and advanced divers.

Fauna: Situated in a channel between two islands its possible to encounter some larger species such as grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, mako sharks and even hammerhead sharks. There is also the chance of seeing manta rays, eagle rays, barracuda, travellies and groupers. The corners and overhangs that can be found along the site are nicely covered with blue and white soft corals.

Particular features: The corner itself is the most interesting part of the site due to its richness in coral and fish life. There are many caves and overhangs creating terraces up to 50 m wide. The dive site can be split into two, with the eastern and western sides offering two separate dives.

During the North-East Monsoon: Generally the current flows from North to South, so the dive starts on the outer reef. Stay shallower on the out reef at around 20m, before going deeper once reaching the corner. This will allow enough air and bottom time to enjoy the caves and overhangs that are full of soft corals. Head back to the shallower water until you reach the beautiful and colorful top reef.

During the South-West Monsoon: The current normally reverses and flows from South to North. During this season, the dive starts inside the channel, not too far from the corner as the inner reef is not very interesting. Once you reach the corner, follow the dive as during the North-East monsoon.

Safety consideration: Pay more attention to your dive computer and pressure gauge as it is easy to stay relatively deeper and longer due to the formation of the corner.