Rasdhoo MK

It is from the deep waters on the outside wall of Rasdhoo-Madivaru that scalloped hammerhead sharks, Sphyrna lewini, rise in the early hours of the morning to accessible viewing depths.  More than 100 Hammerheads sharks have been seen here, completely filling the divers’ field of vision.  Divers must enter the water at sunrise, so a very early start or an overnight on a yacht is necessary. 

Not one of the easiest dives but certainly one of the most spectacular, with large numbers of big groupers, dog-teeth tunas, rays, morays, big schools of jacks.  Although the Hammerhead sharks are not a guaranteed sight manty other large pelagics can be seen here, this a fantastic dive!

Rasdhoo Madivaru has one of the most spectacular – and confusing – reef formations to be found in Ari Atoll. A narrow spur, like a suspension bridge, extends out from the reef of Rasdhoo Madivaru part of the across the channel rising to a pick at 13 meters.  On the seaward side of the spur, the reef descends almost vertically to around 200 meters.  The deep blue waters on the outside of the spur contrast with the turquoise blue reflecting from the sand floor at 30 meters on the inside of the channel. 

Along the spur is a profusion of fish life ranging from pelagic like schooling barracuda, trevally and tuna fish to reef fish like blue striped snappers fusiliers and school of flame basslet.