5 reasons to choose TGI Maldives

5 reasons to choose TGI Maldives

Choosing TGI Maldives for your dream holiday adventure opens up a world of possibilities for an amazing holiday in the paradise island nation. As one of the Maldives leading dive and water sports operators, there is always lots going on with TGI Maldives, and regardless of your experience and passions, you will always find something that will inspire and amaze you.

Discover Scuba diving
TGI Maldives Try Scuba Dive provide the perfect start to diving. Our experienced instructors take you through the basics and get you breathing underwater for the first time.

Night Dives
Experienced divers will love TGI Maldives night dives, the fantastic reefs of the Maldives transform after the sunsets. Under torchlight, divers can discover the stunning marine life.

Snorkelling the tropical lagoons
The warm shallow waters of the Maldives are the perfect place for a snorkel. The vibrant coral life and amazing fish make their home around the islands and sandbanks, and those who choose to take a swim in these paradise waters will feel like they are in an aquarium.

Indulge in water sports
Whether you want a relaxed session on a SUP or the adrenalin of skipping over the waves on a jet-ski, TGI Maldives has you covered. Our excellent instructors are on hand to help you with any of the water sports on offer.

The art of exploring the underwater world on a single breath, freediving is an amazing experience, and guests visiting Helengeli will have the opportunity to dive into a whole new world.

We are sure that once you’ve been with TGI Maldives, it will be possible to create a list with many, many more reasons to return.