Reef type: thila
Level: intermediate to advanced
Currents: strong
Depth: 8-30m

Arguably one of our most exciting dives, Saddle is a small pinnacle located just in front of a channel reef at the edge of the atoll’s drop-off. This site is best to dive on incoming current, which varies from moderate to strong. Divers will usually begin their dive on the main reef. The top starts shallow at 1 meter and gently slopes down to 20 meters. To reach the Saddle, divers will cross a sandy slope at 20 meters leading them straight to the southern side of the Saddle. Diving down to the plateau of the pinnacle, situated at 28 meters divers will reach the deepest and most entertaining section of their dive. Here they will be mesmerised by the different encounters with big pelagics swimming by, flying in the current. There are very high chances of spotting grey reef sharks, eagle rays, mobula rays, tunas and giant trevally. If the current is light, divers can circle the Saddle and then explore its beautiful top reef at 15 meters. To end the dive, head back to the main reef, and perfom your safety stop whilst looking out for more critters passing through these busy waters.