Water sports at TGI Maldives Sangeli

Watersports at Sangeli
Our water sports center at Sangeli offers non motorized water sports free of charge, including kayak, pedalos and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), and chargeable, including Windsurf and Catamaran.

We also offer several motorized water sports, including tow-sport, flyboard, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, parasailing, jet ski. Fees are levied for these activities.

For your safety TGI water sports requires that you wear a life vest when participating in any water based activities.


With our tow-sport, kids and adults alike get the chance to have some serious fun, being towed behind a speedboat. You can choose between the banana tube or the sofa.


With the Flyboard you will feel the thrill of flying effortlessly above the water – a pure adrenaline rush! With some practice you will quickly be able to fly it, twist it and even dive it!


If you are new to water sports, kneeboarding is an easy one to start with. Ride the wake kneeling on the board while being towed at a gentle speed. This easy to do water sport will have you craving for other water sport activities!

Wakeboarding, Waterskiing

For beginners and experts alike, either learn to wakeboard/waterski or just go for it if you are experienced. Feel the adrenaline rush and spray on your face as you whizz through the turquoise waters or bump into the waves.


Get a bird’s eye view of Sangeli, the surrounding islands and coral reefs. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. No training is required for this activity.

Jet Ski

Experience the thrill of gliding over the calm and clear waters of the Maldives on a jet ski for an unforgettable adventure. We offer jet ski rides in the lagoon or jet ski tours outside the lagoon. During the tours you have the chance to explore more of the atoll, visit deserted sandbanks, snorkel remote reefs and look for dolphins. Come and visit us at the dive center to know more about our jet ski tours.


If you are a beginner, learn to windsurf with one of our professional instructors. If you are an experienced windsurfer, sails and boards are available for you to take out.

Catamaran Sailing

We offer Catamaran lessons if you have never sailed before. If you are experienced, our skipper will ensure that you have a thrilling experience whilst remaining completely safe on the water.

Kayak, pedalos and SUP

With our non motorized water sports, you can explore the ocean at your own pace and time. Paddle the lagoon with a single or double kayak, take it easy with a pedalo or practice your balance with the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).

Photo & Video Services

TGI Maldives dive center also offers a variety of services such as private photo or video shooting sessions both above and under the water.