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Live the dream

You’ve fallen in love with scuba diving and the underwater world and have decided to quit your job, pack your bags and dive into the professional world…It doesn’t have to be a dream, if you want to make it a reality and live the dream browse the courses below to get started.

Professional Courses:

Learn how to lead and guide certified divers. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications.

Science of Diving addresses all the areas of diving knowledge in a detailed and comprehensive manner: Physics, Physiology, Decompression Theory, Aquatic Environment and Diving Equipment. This knowledge is the basis for a successful career as an SSI Dive Professional.

Divemasters can assist SSI Instructors with pool/confined water and open water training under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor. You will need to have completed the Dive Guide and Science of Diving programs to be awarded this level.

Enroll in an Assistant Instructor program or enter the program as a Divemaster from any approved agency. After you are certified you can teach Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling and Try Scuba (pool only).

An Assistant Instructor can become a Training Specialist and teach certain SSI specialties by simply purchasing the training materials and co-teaching that Specialty with an SSI Instructor. These SSI Specialty programs include: Boat Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, and many more.

Enroll after achieving Assistant Instructor, after successful completion you can attend an Instructor Evaluation. After passing you can teach and issue certifications for Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer and other programs.

Qualify by attending Specialty Instructor Seminars or co-teaching Specialty Programs with Assistant Instructor. Training Specialists will automatically get their specialties upgraded to Specialty Instructor.

Qualify for a total of four Specialty Instructor ratings, issue 15 Specialty certifications and you automatically upgrade to the Advanced Open Water Instructor. You can then teach the Snorkel Instructor program, plus any other Specialties you are qualified to teach.

As Advanced Open Water Instructor you are eligible to become a Divemaster Instructor and you are qualified to issue Science of Diving, Dive Guide and Divemaster certifications.