Sustainable practices at Halaveli

Sustainable practices at Halaveli

As a Green Fins member, TGI Maldives at Halaveli is responsible for the protection and conservation of coral reefs by establishing and implementing friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry.

As part of their efforts, TGI Maldives were happy to welcome Green Fins’ volunteers Mr Ibrahim and Mr Mahid at Halaveli. During their 3-day visit, they organized two training sessions involving all staff members of TGI Maldives and some members of the Constance Halaveli team. These sessions were aimed at rising awareness through education.

Green Fins’ associates also assessed the environmental impact of TGI Maldives dive center. They took part in two dives with the TGI Maldives’ team in order to evaluate their briefings and explain to them how to follow the Green Fins strict Code of Conduct. TGI Maldives Halaveli were congratulated on the success of their practices and were given suggestions on how to get more guests involved in Green Fins.

As well as the Green Fins practices, TGI Maldives at Halaveli participates in a lagoon clean-up every 6 weeks, involving staff from several departments and guests, if they wish to join. In addition to the regular clean-ups, Constance Halaveli have also implemented sustainable and eco-friendly habits, for example eliminating single-use plastic items and partnering up with Parley, to recycle plastic waste into usable items such as tennis shoes.

As Constance and TGI Maldives take responsibility for the sustainability practices on land, the staff always invite the guests for opportunities to learn. Jenna, TGI Maldives’ Marine Biologist, is part of this project giving weekly presentation to guests every wednesday and visiting local schools – she was recently on the island of Maalhos.