Thinadhoo Kandu

Experience level: Suitable for all experiences if there is little or no current.

Fauna: Keep your eyes open for napoleons, turtles, moray eels and a lot of reef fish. The blue water offers the chance to see larger pelagics such as tunas, white tip reef sharks and grey reef sharks. Many black coral bushes can be found in deeper than 20 meters.

Particular features: Caves, overhangs, and a pinnacle in the middle of the channel.

During the North-East Monsoon: The current usually flows from East to West; keeping the reef on your right hand side, overhangs can be found between 8 and 20m. Turtles can often be found on the top reef.

During the South-West Monsoon: The current usually flows from West to East; keep the reef on your left hand side.

Safety considerations: Be careful with a potentially strong outgoing current.