Tips for taking better underwater pictures

Tips for taking better underwater pictures

The whole TGI Maldives team have brainstormed and came up with a list of 7 tips for taking better underwater photos.

Underwater photography isn’t just for pros with monster camera configurations! You, too, can shoot nice underwater photos with one of the compact cameras that are readily accessible for purchase or rent!

Tip #1 – Get comfortable underwater
Diving with a camera and diving without a camera are two totally different things. Good buoyancy is a must-have skill! If you feel that you don’t master flotation yet or would like to have more control of where you are at all times, ask our TGI Maldives’ instructors for good buoyancy tips!

Tip #2 – Understand and respect marine life
To create a good picture, you must know your subject to capture it nicely. Which creatures can you approach? Are they territorial? How is the school of fish moving and how can you get near it? How close and from which side can you approach to the turtle? Keep all of your gear streamlined so your equipment does not get entangled or you damage the reef.

Tip #3 – Get close, and then get closer!
Water absorbs light very quickly, so to avoid dull blueish-greyish colours, remove the amount of water between the subject and your camera lens. You will get clearer, sharper, and more colorful image.

Tip #4 – Shoot up
Images turn out better when shooting at a slight upward angle towards the subject. By shooting up, you can often also include the open water in the image, which is a better background for an image than a cluttered area of the reef.

Tip#5 – Get to know your camera
If your camera has these basic settings available (white balance, ISO, aperture, speed and focus), they all come in handy in underwater photography. If you would like to learn more about how to use them to, read the camera manual, ask our instructors for help or join our digital underwater photography course.

Tip #6 – Point, shoot, repeat
Take the time to review your images as you shoot to make sure your subject is well exposed, nicely composed and you are happy with the outcome. Review every image if possible. Don’t be afraid to show your photos to your instructors and ask them for their opinions!

Tip #7 – Have fun!
Everyone wants to return from holiday with fantastic underwater images and this can be done easily! Use the camera as often as possible, find out what works and what doesn’t, experiment, be patient and read expert articles to learn more about it. We will take you to the best dive spots for you to have fun with your camera!