Try scuba diving in the Maldives

Try scuba diving in the Maldives

If you’ve always wanted to try scuba diving, what better place to take your first breaths underwater than the Maldives – with its warm weather, crystal clear waters and an abundant marine life! Oh, and not to mention a great team of instructors that will ensure a safe, yet fun adventure!

Take advantage of your holiday in the Maldives, ‘paradise on earth’, to discover another delight awaiting underwater.

All our TGI Maldives dive centers offer the SSI Try Scuba program to let you discover scuba diving without committing to a full certification program. The program allows you to learn the basic dive skills to be comfortable underwater and with the equipment, surrounded by amazing marine life.

If after this experience you have discovered a passion for diving, you can sign up for a beginner course at any SSI dive center back home, or even back with us in the Maldives.

Come and visit the TGI Maldives dive center to discover scuba diving at one of the world’s top diving destinations!