Walu Kandu

Experience level: easy diving

Fauna: along the edge are many fish schools to see, like the pyramid butterfly fish, oriental sweet lips, sergeant fish; passing by you can find whitetips, napoleons, eagle rays

Particular features: because it is an outer reef frequently there are passing “big” fish

During north-east monsoon: mostly reef to the right; be careful not to jump to close to the entrance of the Alimatha channel, because there the current might drag you into the channel; dive along the drop off and have a look at the overhangs between 25 – 30 m; along the wall you will find many moray eels and often turtles; sometimes whitetip reef sharks and eagle rays are passing; dive slowly, as the wall is not very long

During south-west monsoon: mostly reef to the left; if there is outgoing current in the Alimatha Dekunu Kandu, it is also an idea to jump just in front of the corner in the channel, so you could directly descend and have a look at the ribbon eels on the terrace at a depth of 30 m; continue your dive on the outer reef, whitetip reef sharks, napoleons, eagle rays can be seen; along the edge you find many schools of different fish

Safety considerations: as the wall invites for a deeper dive, watch your computer